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About Tribe Automotive


Tribe Automotive LLC. is a small Automotive shop currently located in Tuscola, Tx. We are a Certified Napa Autocare Center, with 2 Certified College Educated technicians. We are proud to be the only automotive repair shop located in Tuscola that not only serves Tuscola but surrounding towns such as Winters, Goldboro, Lawn, Ovalo, Abilene, Potosi, Buffalo Gap,  and Clyde. We take pride in all our work any model new or old. We believe in giving you the customer a great experience you deserve.

 12 years experience on all makes and models of vehicles.

Hello There!

My Name is Wesley Espinosa III. I graduated from TSTC -Sweetwater in 2006. After this I went to work at ArrowFord INC. for 9 years, and then worked small independent shop for 3 years. The dealership taught me how to work quickly but effectively. Over the years I have grown to love working on cars. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. I love people and love being able to provide a service to the people. I grew up in small town of Knox-City , Texas. I understand the importance of community.  I look forward to being able to serve you!

We Can Handle Any Kind of

Auto Repair Needs!

(325) 554 - 9454

(800) 123 - 4567